The Gummerie

Brand Identity

Art Direction: Soonduk Krebs
Programs Used: Adobe Illustrator, Animate

The Gummerie is a gourmet confectionery brand specializing in bubble gum balls. The goal of this brand is to make bubble gum appeal to an older, more mature audience. Bubble gum is generally not considered a professional or “grown up” thing to consume. Brands like Hubba Bubba or Dubble Bubble have juvenile and brightly colored packaging that appeals well to children, and people expect it to be overwhelmingly sugary and messy. The Gummerie wants to shift the narrative around bubble gum so that people of all ages can enjoy it.

Mission Statement:

“Here at The Gummerie, we hope to bring a little joy and sweetness back into everyday life. We’ve transformed a childhood favorite into a gourmet delicacy with real fruit extracts and all natural flavors. Indulge your taste buds and whimsy with this delightful twist on a classic candy.” 

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